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Hi Paul et All.

Sorry if my posting was a bit wide but that's a me thing,
thank you Paul for your reply most interesting and now I see why there is so much talk about the 473x boards, being easy to get hold of and in most things radio.
The board I have is a large, the mother board and to one side on pillars the daughter board, so it looks like I am lucky to have it with all the bands on it.
Interesting about car radios etc re these series.
The 4743 can be selected from the menu in Windows and propoties the VHF FM band US FM Band or OIRT band at either 30-50-100-200 spacing.
The MW BC band is either 10/9 spacing and either down to 1.602 or 1.710 so one takes ones pick, the SW is from about spacings are 2-3-4-5-6- I keep is on 3.
I use it with my laptop, it can be run off a 9 volt battery and this is recommended re noise level re PC but I would then have no way of turning it on LOL and or operating it as the PC usb powers it.
Not much more to say, unless there is more questions. Non tech Mike

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Well, the SI-474X is automobile-grade, and the 473X is portable consumer graded. The intended markets are quite different. For example, an automobile display might contain more info than just the radio/cd/dvd... GPS-NAV might also display. And of course, there is much more local signal interference from the CPU/MPU and display circuitry. A quick check on the part from source indicates that there is power-line filtering on the 4742/3/4/5 models. This would be an improvement to the 473X series.

Paul S. in CT

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It's a board - as would be EVB-ed - evaluated - by a buyer thinking of buying 1,000 or 1,0000000000000 boards, some tech guy would play about with it hooked up to some test gear to see what it had on board and play with it's features just like the 4730-31 35 boards at one time they were all EVBs - played with before going into various radios, he would see what bands he wanted and what he could fix permanently into his future radio, think DEGEN - TECSUN - G8 - and many others all have OLD 473x types, and there are ship loads still waiting to come in called NEW ITEMS, there not, prove me wrong.
Some boards would have MW BC and he might want 10 KHz BW spacing or both 9/10, some would have SW, while other boards into RADIOS might only take the VHF band from the board.
We have gone passed the 473x range and this group should now be looking at the 474x range, instead of the early boards, there is not much more to add apart from saying my board goes to my PC usb cable power wise, it has a BNC socket for the VHF bands and a RCA socket for the AM bands, if anyone knows more about the 4743 please step forward, as I said I am not tech, I just use the thing it's great fun, the board is quite open but I have cased it and that was not easy with sockets and plug being on 4 sides, size being 5 x 8 x 3 inches try and fine a box that size with no corner posts.
Just look up the SIL LABS 4743 and your see what it has to offer, cost $100 remember it's a EVB board and that price is low if you order the above number.
Non tech Mike.

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Did you build a radio by yourself? Or it is installed on a radio? Which radio?

Give some info more please.

Have nice time, ciao


Giampiero Bernardini



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I have the 4743 EVB which has the OIRT VHF FM band as well as LW MW SW and the CCIR VHF FM band.

Up against my Sony ST SB 920 tuner the RSSI readings are 1-2 db less on it,

therefore the capture ratio is much better but the noise floor is just that bit higher

re hiss, I can hear signals on VHF FM CCIR at 2dB with a noise level of 4dB the RDS comes on at 18dB as against 26dB on the Sony, the Sony tuner has filters

of 4 x 110s it did have 150s and the read out re RDS wise were more or less the same.

I like the 4743 {no one has it in the group!!!!} as I do tune the OIRT band when it's active, as to filtering I would like this too to have about 110 or 80 KHz BW but getting into it is very bewildering and VERY hush hush I think, but won't we all like to know how.

As to boards on there own yes great after all there EVBs, what happens after they go in a radio is another story, think general market, give them what we want to give then not what they want, so it is up to us to delve.

Non Tech Mike just a user.

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