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Giampiero Bernardini

Did you build a radio by yourself? Or it is installed on a radio? Which radio?

Give some info more please.

Have nice time, ciao




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I have the 4743 EVB which has the OIRT VHF FM band as well as LW MW SW and the CCIR VHF FM band.

Up against my Sony ST SB 920 tuner the RSSI readings are 1-2 db less on it,

therefore the capture ratio is much better but the noise floor is just that bit higher

 re hiss, I can hear signals on VHF FM CCIR at 2dB with a noise level of 4dB the RDS comes on at 18dB as against 26dB on the Sony, the Sony tuner has filters

 of 4 x 110s it did have 150s and the read out re RDS wise were more or less the same.

 I like the 4743 {no one has it in the group!!!!} as I do tune the OIRT band when it's active, as to filtering I would like this too to have about 110 or 80 KHz BW but getting into it is very bewildering and VERY hush hush I think, but won't we all like to know how.

As to boards on there own yes great after all there EVBs, what happens after they go in a radio is another story, think general market, give them what we want to give then not what they want, so it is up to us to delve.

 Non Tech Mike just a user.

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