Re: Eton E100 IF Filter Modification Service Available

Steve Ratzlaff <steveratz@...>

As the person who will be doing the filter and external antenna mods on the E100, it may save a lot of emails to me if I state the costs in advance.
The filter mod is $53 for the filter, $50 for labor, plus shipping costs back to you.
The external antenna mod for the stock loopstick is $15 total plus shipping costs back to you.
I can't afford to stock more than a couple of filters at a time; you may have some wait to get your radio back if I'm out of filters when I receive your radio and have to order more filters.
Steve Ratzlaff AA7U
NE Oregon

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Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 6:22 PM
Subject: [ultralightdx] Eton E100 IF Filter Modification Service Available

Hello Guys,
     Several requests have been received by DXers eager to have their Eton E100 Ultralight radios modified with the outstanding Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter (the same narrow filter used in the Eton E1 portable).  The replacement of the stock 455 kHz filter with this premium ceramic filter (as suggested by Guy Atkins in his superb technical article, recently published in NRC's DX News) truly makes the tiny E100 a super-selective receiver for all types of DXing missions, both foreign and domestic.
     The original designers of the E100 modifications (John Bryant, Guy Atkins and myself) have all used this outstanding ceramic filter in actual TP DXing sessions, and have been deeply impressed by its ability to split off weak TP stations adjacent to strong domestic QRM.
     Steve Ratzlaff, a highly qualified ex-Navy sonar repair technican with extensive professional electronic experience, has offered to perform this E100 modification for interested DXers.  Steve has already performed this modification for fellow TP-DXer Dennis Vroom, who was highly satisfied. Those having interest in this procedure should contact Steve directly at steveratz@..., to discuss terms.
     Steve is also able to perform the E100 modification of installing an external antenna inductive coupling loop to the stock loopstick, which would enable DXers to use their existing external antennas to chase DX with the E100 Ultralight (and compete in the Ultralight Awards program's "Unlimited Class").  For DXers with effective external antennas, this would be a quick way to experience the fun and excitement of Ultralight radio DXing, while maintaining the competitive edge of their directional EWE's, Conti Loops, K9AY's, etc. Please contact Steve with any questions about this procedure.
     73 and Good DX,
     Gary DeBock

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