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Hi Bob,

690 CINF MONTREAL went off the air on jan 29, 2010 it was a french language Canadian station.

heres the info from

On January 29, 2010, Corus announced it would shut down CINF, along with sister AM station CINW (the latter being the descendant of the first radio station in Canada), citing that the stations were unprofitable.

At 10 a.m., an audio loop of Yves Bombardier, General Manager of CINF, CHMP and CKAC, informed listeners that CINF was closing down permanently, and inviting listeners to tune in to CHMP. CINW would air a similar audio loop for their own listeners.

At 7 p.m. both stations went dark entirely; the licenses for both stations was returned to the CRTC for cancellation.[9][10] On June 8, 2010, the CRTC approved the revocation of both licences. [11]

congrats on WTTM, NJ, i've been chasing him for almost a year and still cant get a solid id. they only ID once, at the top of the hour in english. unfortunetly, i slept in this morning and missed him once again.

byron wa8lcz nr Detroit MI

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Guys... I started at 5am local, and heard lots of Auroral flutter across the band -- Often a good sign!

Starting out, I confirmed WTTM 1680, that I had reported before on my spotting radio. It was co-channel with a spanish speaking station, perhaps the one Keith referenced in his post today.

In general, all the signals were very long this morning -- If I had more time, I am sure I could have logged some other east coast stations -- About 2000mi for me. Here's my log:

620 CAN CKRM Regina, SK , Sep 6 535 - News, weather, and country music Sig 30-18.

690 CAN CINF Montreal , Sep 6 520 - News in French. Signal fluttery.

770 USA KKOB Albuquerque, NM , Sep 6 515 - Sig strength peaked at 30-20 and above! A crazy long ad for the 'Great Southwest Cigar Smokeout' -- Indian land, obviously.

1680 USA WTTM, Princeton, NJ , Sep 6 505 - Continous indian music. Signal fluttery about 20-7 on PL 310 -- co-channeled with a spanish speaking station. Extremely solid on my spotting radio.

73, Bob
PL 310 bf
Park City, UT

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