Re: latest logs / 7000 miles on an SRF39fp

Paul Logan

Hi folks,

this is really getting out of hand -  Ive just logged the following on a 2 x 1 loop

AM 1620 Mar Del Plata Argentina, yl with id after om in talk, easy copy on an SRF 39FP. 7006 miles / 11276 km first heard around 23:30 utc.

I went out in my yard to see if I could catch it barefoot and it was barely audible but resting the Sony on the garden gate - all metal - brought it right in! I wont claim this one barefoot tonight but it'll go in the log sooner or later, its a clear freq here.

I agree with everyone else I dont think I've ever had so much fun BCB dx'ing ( well, apart from TA Fm in 2003)

I wonder what the rest of the DX community make of us lol.

To read some of the logs posted here, I mean they are world class, the radios might be small but the results are breathtaking.

I better go to bed I've been trying to nail that Argentine for the last couple of hours barefoot, dont think its happening tonight.

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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