e100 and batteries

Jim <banjojim@...>

sorta responding to 2 different posts, one i believe considering the
purchase of the e100, the other battery life.

i bought my e100 by mistake. i saw it in an electronics store in
ottawa, thought i'd read it had ssb, and was impressed by it's size and
looks, and bought it. i was disappointed that i was wrong about the
ssb, but still have been very happy with the radio. its a tight little
box. if it had ssb, it'd be near perfect in my book. its my travel
radio. (ok, one of..)

battery life seems good to me. i use name brand 2600mah rechargeables.
i've probably recharged them 4 times in the past year, but the way i
carry my radio in a bag, i sometimes turn off the key lock and have had
it on many times without knowing it. i have tried no-name nmh
rechargeables from ebay and haven't found any i'd buy again. i don't
like to equate dollars with quality but thus far it has been the case
with me.

jim n8rpi

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