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Gary DeBock

Hi Allen, Rob and Paul,

I would have to agree with Allen that Ultralight radio has made
this year my most exciting DX season ever (and I've been at it since
1967). The chance to chase TP's with a superbly hot-rodded E100
(guided by a fanatically hot-rodded ICF-2010)is so much fun that it
should be illegal! Like Paul mentioned, pocket radio AM-DXing is
thrilling to the point of becoming addictive (in a positive sort of
way). I'm very happy that the phenomena has caught on like wildfire,
and that we are spreading excitement and enthusiasm throughout the AM-
DX community. Keep up the great work, guys!

73, Gary DeBock

--- In ultralightdx@..., Allen Willie <vo1_001_swl@...>

Hi Everyone,
Rob and Paul,
Thanks for the comments on my latest logs. Yes it is quite a
problem to have,  trying to hear Jamaica  through Greenland's QRM. ha
ha ! .
 You know  , during most of my years back in Alberta I used to be
in awe of what the guys in this area or on Dxpedition  would be
hearing , and to now actually be living it . It doesn't get any
better !. With the turn in the solar cycle coming I hope that many of
you out there will be experiencing  the Trans-Atlantics  that I am
hearing here on a nightly basis.
As Rob Ross mentioned , about having  a blast just hearing what
others are logging  I agree fully!  
I know that I'm blessed to be in a prime DX location  here in
Newfoundland  but I receive just as much enjoyment from this amazing
ultralight  radio hobby when I hear folks hearing Croatia for the
first time , or logging their 500th station , or hearing our own
domestics from the other side of the ocean.
I don't think I've had as much fun and enjoyment as I have in my
40th year of Dxing this year with all of you and the architects who
began  this crazy ultralight radio phenomenon.
Regards to All
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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