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As far as I'm concerned, this is strictly up to the individual DXer.  For instance, I decided years ago that I wasn't going to distinguish between my own personal records for Grayland and Orcas Island, as far as TPs were concerned.... and I haven't and don't plan to, EXCEPT where contests require the DXer to be in one location.  In a contest, it seems to me that one location means just that.... and one is competing with others, so fairness becomes a serious issue.

On the otherhand for the Ultralight "Stations Heard" award, I'm just keeping a list from my place in Oklahoma... and totally ignoring the 150 or so stations that I've logged from Washington state and Peru. 

On the Firsts and Records list, we do keep record of the actual location of the DXer for each different record.... So some of mine (a few) say "Orcas Island," while most clearly say "Grayland."  This is the same pattern that I've noticed with the other denizens of Grayland.

Seems to make` sense to me....

John B.

At 06:45 PM 10/6/2008 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Kevin and John,
     How about any loggings within 100 air miles of your home address may be claimed, for the Awards program? (then my Grayland loggings would qualify  :>)    Or maybe within 250 air miles within of home, for John ?  :>)
  73,  Gary

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