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Paul Logan

D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello and welcome!  You are absolutely right that I am helping you out with alignments-- your fully-aligned SRF-39FP and SRF-59 units went out today by USPS Priority Mail


Hi Gary I cant wait to receive the package and compare - my other 59's Im sure will get passed on to others ripe for the UL conversion!.

Last night I had three US stations on the X band using the 59 with first a 4 foot loop but then and more in keeping with Ul'ing an ugly little 6 inch loop!

Those heard were 1660 WCNZ Marco Island FL, 1680 WLAA Winter Garden FL, and I presume WJCC Miami Springs FL ( a mixture of oldies and spanish songs and then some mentions of south Florida) - this one IS back on isnt it?. In fact this last one was JUST audible barefoot playing a Cat Stevens song.

In fact the combination of a 59 and a 6 inch loop is astounding -  I wish these little radios were around when i was starting out in MW in the early 80's.

The UL's are making me feel like I did back then - each dusk is anticipated like Im 14 again!

Plenty more logs to come.

regards to all

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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