Re: My first FM ULR DX

Gary DeBock

Hi Rick,
Congratulations on your superb reception of Magic 94.9 in St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL. At about 700 miles distant, it certainly seems that your first FM ULR-DX was an amazing accomplishment, considering the $2 set of rabbit ears you were using.
Rob Ross and I do plan to expand the Ultralight Awards Program to include FM loggings (once we can find the time to communicate, and set up the system), so keep pushing your luck on FM, and keep those rabbit ears busy!
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)  
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Yesterday, 8/29/10, I got my first FM DX in years on my new PL-310 and
a $2 set of rabbit ears from Goodwill. I wish I could say it was the
result of planning and diligent listening, but it was just shear luck.
While tuning around for something good to listen to, I came across the
song Reason by Hoobastank. Being at 94.9 I thought it was Electric
94.9 in the Tri-Cities area of northeast TN/VA, a regular here. After
the song finished the ID was Magic 94.9. I decided to listen some more
but during the following commercial, it faded out and Electric 94.9 came up.

Going online to Google, I found Magic 94.9 in St. Petersburg/Clearwater,
FL, and their on-line play list. Sure enough at about 1:15PM they were
playing Reason by Hoobastank. So as they say even a blind squirrel will
eventually find an acorn. It looks like it is roughly 700 miles to the
west coast of Florida from here in SW NC. . Being at an elevation of
2500' helps me I'm sure. My last FM DX was about 5 years ago on a
DE1102 barefoot with local like reception of WLOW 107.9 in Hilton Head,
SC, about 350 miles or so away.

Thanks especially go to Byron, WA8LCZ, for his tips and encouragement to
pursue FM DX. I wish AM stations would ID as regularly as FM, it sure
would make DXing MW a lot easier.

Rick W4DST
Hendersonville, NC

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