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Hi Richard,

Yes I also purchase one from Joe, SM-1 I believe. The
circuit when bad so I kept the ferrite bar and used it
with just a capacitor. About 4 years ago Steve Ratzlaff
purchase some Space Magnets on e-bay. He repair them and
I bought two from Steve. My favorite reception with the
Space Magnet was hearing JOUB 774 Japan in Zion Park in
Utah just before sunrise with the Palstar R-30 cc.

Best Regards,


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I enjoyed reading your TP log of the 8-28-10. I was surprised to see that someone else was still using a Space Magnet. I still have one purchase new from Joe Worcester in early 1970's. My first trans-oceanic DX from England and Germany was heard with the SM2 and a Realistic DX-160. Later it was used to hear TP's in the 1980's, then with a FRG-7700. Today it is usually coupled to an ICOM R75. I've always found it a fantastic, easy to use antenna.

Good DX hunting.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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