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As Jay mentioned in an earlier post, WTIC went to 5kW daytime this morning. Overnite here my meter readings stayed in the upper 40's something like 48/21 occasional 50's/25 when TIC was on (C2C show).

Paul S. in CT

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It was coming on good last night but fades in and out so fast. Still no ID but gotta be same station I'd think Connecticut-Connecticut and 1070 ?

1080. I missed most the silent time of WTIC but when I did listen last night nothing there but terrible splatter from WBAL 1090.

I think I heard 2 stations in there weak (1080) but no ID was possible. I could not even make out programming except something was 'talk'.

Ah..finally a weak signal is getting better !!! 3am approx. I listened to it for a half hour and signal got better and better. Then ID..1080 WTIC...(they start the hour at pee-wee power ?)

Otherwise WTIC 1080 never strong here in SW Connecticut. Day 'ground wave listenable' and at nights it's there fading in and out. (skipping over me)

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I also had WMIA last night about 2350, weakly in Spanish. No one was really
dominate on 1070 last night.

Thanks for the tip!

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Needs a new topic, instead of mixed with WGRP postings.

Not long after my last post at 23:57 EDT Sat, I got a good confirmation b/4
midnite with the two announcers mentioning "Radio de Arecibo", and info
about ESPN Desportes. Caught a female announcer just before ToH (23:59:30
maybe) with callsign in Spanish pronunciation. There was/is some static
flutter/chugging. Missed English ID at ToH, but caught another English ID as
WMIA went into ESPN Desportes at 00:04 Sun.

For this, the PL-310 was employed using 2kHz filter. Meter readings about
25/12 +/- 6. A few minutes later, tested with the PL-200. Quieter RX nice
and clear/weaker. Speech filter set to NEWS. And with a bit of tinkering,
the R-911 produced a weaker but quite audible reception. All 3 barefoot, all
3 did a good job on CHOK.

As previously mentioned WMIA is from Arecibo, PR 2500 Watts nite-power
omni-directional. (Much like WQBS) Distance at FCC is 2624.6 km (1630 mi).
Logging #453.

Just the break I needed from WTIC. Mucho Gracias.

Paul S. in CT... on to 1080 and the inevitible 1090 Splatter.

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Smyrna, Delaware
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