Re: PL-390 External LW MW Antenna Mod

Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

Hello Laurie,

You've got to wonder what is going on with Tecsun and these "warped" bars. I got a new PL-310 last week and it has one of the crooked bars in it just like your '310 and '390. Within 2 hours of receiving my new '310 I had installed your antenna mod and rewound the bar antenna. Thanks again for posting that mod. That makes for a much more versatile MW antenna setup. Now I can plug and unplug my 20cm bar antenna at will.

How is the '390 performing down under compared to other ULRs? Also how long is that bar? I did notice that the '310 has a 10cm bar compared to the 8cm bar in the '380.


Hello All,

I recently received the Tecsun PL-390 and I have performed a mod to use the existing FM/SW antenna socket to accommodate external LW/MW antennas, as was done with the PL-310. A file documenting the procedure for the PL-390 mod has been uploaded to the Files area.


Laurie Mann
Perth, Western Australia

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