TP's for 08/27/10 Grayland, WA

vroomdxer <Vroomski@...>


TP conditions were down on Washington's Cranberry coast.
Back home in Salmon Creek, WA.

531 Nothing heard here during the pass 3 days.
657 DPR KOREA, 1235 very weak with music. 1310 fair with stern-
talking woman.
693 JAPAN, JOAB NHK2 1231 fair at times with domestic splatter.
747 JAPAN, JOIB NHK2 1301 weak with man in Japanese. Battered
in splatter from KXL 750.
774 JAPAN, JOUB NHK2 1219 fair with Japanese and over unknown
846 Nothing here either.
1566 REPUBLIC OF KOREA, HLAZ 1241 weak signal. Fair signal at 1316.

Best Regards,

Dennis Vroom,
Eton E100
Space Magnet loop

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