Allen Willie

  Hi Guys,
A few new logs  over the last couple nights as follows:
1377 khz - 10/3/08   22:20 UTC - VOIRI Chahbahar, Iran w/ persian chants then into commentary (over France briefly) mentions of Iran ***NEW* on ULR and ovrall
1512 khz - 10/4/08   2:14 UTC - ERT Chania Greece/Crete w/ Greek commentary and vocals, musical selection"I Will Wait For You "  *** NEW *** on ULR and overall
1071 khz - 10/7/08  00:09 UTC - IRIB Qom, Iran  w/ interview in farsi or persian , man talking about Iraq and Iran  ***NEW ***  on ULR and overall
 720 khz - 10/7/08  1:30 UTC  - RJR Kingston, Jamaica  w/ english commentary by man with accent , mentions of Jamaica; island type music mixing with Greenland  *** NEW COUNTRY** * and *NEW** on ULR and overall ( For the amount of times I've seen this logged by others, it's my first time ! )
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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