Re: 500 Stations!

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

--- In, Brandon Jordan <> wrote:

I finally hit 500 stations logged this evening. Number 500 was WCNZ-1660
in San Marco, FL. Other notable achievements recently are hitting 30
Graveyard stations (now at 32), and logging my 30'th XE tonight:
XEABC-760 in Mexico, DF.

My current ULR setup is a Tecsun PL-300wt mounted on my old
'reverse-slider' plastic stand that has a 7.5" ferrite loop and BNC jack
for an external antenna mounted on it. I recently put up a Wellbrook
K9AY, and all recent logs are with it. I've owned the K9AY for many
years now but never took the trouble to set it up, mainly because I
didn't want to drive a ground rod. Despite the 8' ground rod, I also had
to add some counterpoise wires. I am glad I finally did so, this antenna
is amazing!

Congratulations on your latest achievements!! Keep up the good work!
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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