TP's for 08/27/10

vroomdxer <Vroomski@...>

Listened from 1242-1324 utc. Only two stations that were not
heard yesterday morning. North Korea on 657 and 2NR Australia
with ABC network ID. Call letters not heard.

Two stations heard, that were not heard yesterday morning.
North Korea 657 kHz & 2NR with mentions of ABC network, no
call letter ID.

657 DPR Korea 1245 fair with man in Korean.
738 TAHITI, 1304 weak a top a weaker station.
738 AUSTRALIA, 2NR 1305 man in English and ABC network mentioned.
Fair for about 15 seconds, then back with Tahiti.
774 JAPAN, JOUB NHK2 1242 weak // 828.
828 JAPAN, JOBB NHK2 1238 fair with Radio English Conversation
873 JAPAN, JOGB NHK2 1309 very weak with a lot of splatter.
972 REPUBLIC OF KOREA, HLCA weak with splatter.
1053 REPUBLIC OF KOREA, 1315 jammer on top of channel.
1062 UNKNOWN, 1316 faint audio, TP direction.
1134 CHINA CRN1 1320 good signal with Chinese Pop music.
1566 REPUBLIC OF KOREA, HLAZ 1324 man singing song in English. Over
unknown station.

Best Regards,

Grayland, WA
Eton E100 Space Magnet loop

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