Re: WGRP ID this morning

terribly wet

I logged that last winter with a little confusion at first.

WGRP running on that low power ? I'd guess it is possible. I last night heard an English station on 940 but so weak no ID was possible.

I'm not sure 940 Brookfield,Ct. operates at night. In Danbury area I have heard nothing. I'd guess maybe 'ask the station'.

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About 1/2 hour ago (00:20 EDT) finally got an ID on the 940 and 1470 slogans I had been hearing. Turns out its WGRP Greenville, PA (rumor says its for sale) running a bit hot. I'm logging it as 500W as presumed WLOA// nite power. I dont think 2 Watts is getting here. Note I've never logged WINE's 4 Watts from only 40km distance. Anyway, WGRP//WLOA is pretty much in the mud, and at 624.8km it MIGHT be running 500W, though 1000 Watts wouldn't surprise me either. Thats #452 for the log and puts my DX/local counts at 72... I've updated my file here. Every time DX/Local counts increase, I update. Next update planned at 460 stations.

Still no Saskatchewan moose.

Paul S. in CT

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