Re: Rookie question on tuning steps


Hi Nancy:

Yes, the Eton e100 is definitely an Ultralight. Despite the pictures, it
does fit into one's shirt pocket, and the whip antenna for FM and
shortwave doesn't preclude it from being an UltraLight. I'm on the
Definitions Committee, and I recall that we looked closely at the e100's
size and features. It's amazing what they got into that little package!

By barefoot we mean nothing added to what came from the factory, so no
inductively-couple antenna (like a Terk or Select-A-Tenna), filter
replacement, or other modifications. You can align it to perform properly
as-designed, but no change or addition of hardware is allowed to stay in
the Barefoot category.

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

Is the eton e100 considered an ultralight in the barefoot class even
though it looks kind of big in the pictures and has an antenna?

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