Re: Cuba on 690 kHz ? and DX Logging


This page
indicates that it's from Bogotá.

Great catch!


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Thanks Mark,
Any idea where in Colombia R. Recuerdos is located? I have 990 Medellin, and 1180 Bucamaranga. I did hear a Radio Recuerdos mention (thought it might be a network in USA) at BoH 0130 EDT Early Tues Morning. No English ID. Thanks, I will listen some more on-channel.

Paul S. in CT

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On 690 I have been finding R. Progreso (Cuba) and R. Recuerdos (Colombia) equally common.

Other Progreso outlets (640 et al.) should be available to check as parallels, especially when distinctive music is being played.

670 is R. Rebelde from Cuba with a number of parallels including often-easy 600 and 1180. There's also shortwave 5025.

Other Latins common on 670 are R. Rumbos (Venezuela) and R. Dial (Dominican Republic).

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Billerica, MA + South Yarmouth, MA, USA

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Can't help you Pete but maybe this will help?

I heard what I'm pretty sure was a Cuban on 670 yesterday morning at about 5:45 local. all Spanish speaking but I heard the word "Cuba". I also heard a rooster crowing.

Plymouth, MA

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I was listening late last nite on 690 (another vacated E. Canada frequency) Definately heard weak latino singing/orchestration with occasional male announcements in between a few songs. USA stations revealed nothing upon look-up. Could this be Cuba? The direction of best reception was generally just W of South.

Also of note last nite was poor RX from the West. Most Chicago stations not evident until ESPN 1000. WLS poor, and 670, 720, 780 just not there.

I did log WXXI on 1370 on good ToH ID with BBC News to follow. Also on 1370 was Oldies or Classic Hits in the background but no ID... I thought they went to commercials on the quarter-hours. This might be WFEA from NH, but no ID, and in the wrong direction ( pointed towards Rochester... NW of here). Correction to the NE yielded nada so I feel OK with ruling out WFEA.

Paul S. in CT

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