Re: Hello : )

Gary DeBock

To Paul Logan,
     Hello and welcome!  You are absolutely right that I am helping you out with alignments-- your fully-aligned SRF-39FP and SRF-59 units went out today by USPS Priority Mail (about 7-10 business days to arrive in Northern Ireland, according to our local post office).  I'm very happy to send my first "export units" to Europe, and you may well be one of the first DXers in Europe to get a "Prison Radio," which is wildly popular here in North America, Paul. Its larger tuning dial, slightly superior audio quality and better sensitivity (than the SRF-59) make it the analog Ultralight of choice for TP DXers, here on the west coast of North America.
     Thanks again for checking in, and great DX to you!
                                                                                                  73,  Gary DeBock 

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