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Hi Scott,
Do the DSP chips lend themselves to ssb or sync capabilities in an economical and portable package? I'm wondering if waiting a year might allow some of those capabilities to begin to appear on Pl-380, 310 type of small sets. If that is unlikely to be accomplished with these chips, I might as well get the 390 with it's lesser softmute, and better mw ferrite bar (I know it's not a ulr, but I'm not trying to compete with ulr loggings).

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A Si4730 is identical to a Si4734 except that it
does not support LW and SW bands. The Si4731 and
Si4735 add FM RDS/RBDS features.


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> I found a link to a datasheet here:
> You may have to click the link at the very top of page in blue.
> I haven't seen any radios based on these.
> Paul S. in CT

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