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Hi Brian. Depending on the age of the person you spoke to, my guy was 60+ a young guy would not know or care, or is there some kind of embarrassment to hide a few facts about Sangean, for who would want to recommend another brand, there can be a number differance between these two brands but the guts inside is the same you have to find out which is which and I am sure someone within the group can tell you, if I recall Roberts have a RDS model one of there better radios and Sangean have the clone or the other way round think it's the 9920 but not sure of the number, the fact that you have heard the same "story" I think over distance proves a point, badgeing means little, Brian next time you call ask what do they think of Degen and Tecsun or any other brand.

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Having been given the same story about Roberts locally, I contacted the company
at their headquarters in South Yorkshire, UK enquiring if they did a UK version of
the Sangean DT 400 W,
( only one company in Canada was willing to ship me one at $90 carriage only !!!!! )
Roberts said they had never heard of Sangean so could not comment on a possible
comparison for the radio.
Fortunately a group member stepped forward and got me a DT 400 W brought over
from the US by hand.
Brian, G0NSL-QRP.
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