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50kW daytimer pointed right at me. 65 Degrees them to me is 4250mV/m at 1km. Not as stong as Chicago, Charlotte, or Atlanta 50kW stations that read in the mid-upper 30's typical summer RSSI at nite. Typical signal from WCPC was at least 15db lower in the low-mid 20's at very best. Just getting over the noise floor around here. In fairness they were absent on previous 3 nites, with a C&W station from my WNW just getting here, but no ID heard.

Paul S. in CT

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This station was running day power.


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I was listening this early morning at 0340 EDT for a Saskatchewan Station for
the Awards program on 940kHz. I didn't hear any C&W format, but I did hear an
Af-Am-Gospel preacher followed by some religious announcements just before
0400EDT. I heard this before but it was a little weaker and not fully
intelligible. This morning, the conditions were a little better and this
actually got to 27/07 on the PL-310 RSSI at times (peak reading). After a few
minutes of getting readings I tuned from 940 to 939 and increased volume 2
notches. At Top of Hour (ToH) A man with a solid Southern accent said," This is
WCPC 940 Houston-Tupelo". Noisy with static (some lightning heard during the 20
minutes) but a fairly nice copy.

I looked this up at FCC and at AMLOGBOOK, nite-time is 250 Watts, with no
recents apps to cover (last was 2008). Distance from my location is 1642 km
(1020 mi). Maybe the season is upon us???

Think I'll celebrate with a hot cup of coffee :o)

Paul S. in CT (still moose-hunting)


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