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Unfortunately, both 720 and 810 are domestic frequencies here in North America, Laurie, though I seem to recall that 720 has been heard on a DXpedition.

I wonder if 6WA on 558 would be our best bet, being 50 kw? Both it and 6DL-531 were heard at home in Victoria, BC, using an umamplified loop antenna with a heavily modified National HRO (NOT ultralight!) back in the '80s. But down under conditions seemed much better in those days.

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Thanks guys for the feedback.

I must defer to my brother Tony Mann who has logged Bermuda in Perth using a large loop (4 x 3 m) and an ICOM R75 at his home QTH in Perth as reported by Glenn Hauser in 2006

I'd imagine a big gun target from Perth for the West Coast US would be our local ABC station 720 ABC (formerly 6WF) on 720 kHz. It runs 50kW 24/7, omnidirectional from Hamersley in the northern suburbs of Perth, 14 km from the CBD. As far as I know this is the highest power MW station in Perth. Next would probably be another ABC station 810RN (Radio National 810 kHz) at 10kW.

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Hello Laurie, Billy and Mike,

Thanks for sharing the details of your brother's reception of various North
American AM stations, Laurie. Concerning the opposite direction, the
reception of Perth AM stations on the west coast of North America is also
difficult, but it has been accomplished by DXers using communication receivers
and beverage antennas at our local Grayland, WA DXpedition site. This "gray
line" long distance propagation doesn't occur very often, though.

I'm pretty sure that no west coast Ultralight DXer has ever received a
Perth, Australia AM station, even with monster antennas. The closest station
to Perth that John Bryant and I have managed to receive is 891-5AN in
Adelaide, South Australia, a "big gun" that is quite an easy catch on west coast
ULR's. It produced a vibrant signal for me last month during the Oregon
beach DXpedition (on a 7.5" loopstick PL-380 and 3' portable loop), and is
usually notable for the lack of any west coast domestic splatter anywhere near
the frequency (at least in the Washington/ Oregon area)
_ ( .

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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