Grundig been and gone.

Michael in Suffolk <michaelrae65@...>

Hi Guys. I think we all like to do a bit of reminiscing don't we I know I do and like you I bet you think of the great days of MADE IN GERMANY radios such as Grundig - Nordmende but those times have gone, it was the Japanese that took over with there 7600 range, now it's the chinese with there DE or PL and good luck to them I say, for one thing, they seem to listen, so if your not happy with lets say with you Degen 1102 or your PL- 3xx then the next model will have that missing feature same for Tecsum and Kaito, as for Grundig think MADE IN !!!!!! and by who!, as a point I asked all of them in a e-mail when a full size table model might be hitting the market, the reply was, not a might but soon, so keep your eyes open, I asked shoe box size and there said "Why Not". Mike MBR UK.

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