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Kevin S <satya@...>

Hi Tao Qu:

Thanks for the word of caution - you probably know more about them than I do!

If/when the S450DLX actually starts to be sold, hopefully the old TG37
adapter will work, or perhaps someone will come out with a new adapter
that does work.


The TG37 ssb adapter may will not works on the other models if they have
fully different internal design on 455KHz output circuit...:(

-Tao Qu


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Provided they are using a 455 khz IF (a good bet), the 2100's SSB adapter
should work. The 2100 had PAL connectors/jacks, whereas the 450 now has
standard (at least for over here...) F connectors.

I bought an adapter but never got a 2100: does this mean I absolutely,
positively HAVE to get a 450?


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It's an interesting improvement of the S-350, S-350DL from Tecsun, and
then the RP-2100 from Redsun. I believe both Tecsun built models were
and single conversion, and the Redsun was dual conversion and PLL. The 450
has dual conversion but goes back to analog tuning. I wonder if the SSB
converters sold for the Redsun will work with the new radio? Also, I
who is building them? They even have a stereo line input for room filling
sound from an ULR! - FARMERIK

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For DXers, I would offer that a Tecsun PL-310 or 380, mated to a
Terk loop (or jacked up with a 7.5" Amidon ferrite), would likely have
better sensitivity and (by far) better selectivity. FM on the Tecsuns is
course superb.

The case on the S450DLX is reminiscent of the to-be-released CCrane
CCRadio-EP. It appears that the Chinese factories have a "new look", more
understated with lots of black and no shiny panels, that they are using

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Introducing the Grundig S450DLX:

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