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You are correct in concluding that the DSP IF is approximately
45 kHz. Well, at least in the case you measured. I'm not
certain, but it may change in different circumstances -- an
advantage of digital technology.


--- In ultralightdx@..., Rick Robinson <w4dst@...> wrote:
I think it is a given that under extreme RF conditions that the ULRs
tend to overload and has become a moot point. About all I discovered
from my experiment is a clue to the IF frequency of the Si4734. If this
is not proprietary information, maybe Scott W. can expand on this.
IIRC, the DSP of the JRC NRD-545 I used to own is 22.5kHz or
thereabouts. Not to start a discussion of other radios, but the DSP
filtering in the Si4734 is better than that in the '545. Of course we
are talking a difference of 1995 technology vs. 2009 technology. The
1Khz filtering in the '545 had problems with ringing and "monkey
chatter". Neither of which the Si4734 chip appears to have.

Rick W4DST

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