A Break in the MW DXing Drought

Kirk <kirk74601@...>

I've been experiencing a real DXing drought for the last month or so. Been following 4 or 5 UNID stations during that time with no results until early this morning when I was able to finally nail down one of these stations. Logged this one on a Eton E-100 Murata Slider w/ SAT.

1590, KUNX, Ventura, CA, 0715-0900+ UTC, 8/10/10, mostly all tlk in SS format. They occasionally played some mx which sounded like old ballads. W ancr w/ tlk mostly abt CA events (I think) and "R. Formula" IDs. Mostly a weak sig, but did sometime have some G sig peaks. QRM from KTBZ, Tulsa and KCOH, Houston. Thought at first to be a XE station. ULR Sta # 675. Hoping to hit 700 stations before the end of the year.
73 everyone!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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