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If we're talking Ultralights, then Tecsun makes a good variety of consistently high-quality radios. Right now there's the R-911, and R-9012 analogs, and the PL-300wt, PL-310, and PL-380 DSP models. The only one missing is the more-expensive PL-210 that is availible at eCrater. (I haven't checked Amazon for that model... should be about $65-$70 Shipped)

If you want to go just outside the Ultralight box, Tecsun makes a PL-450 model that is essentially a PL-200 thats a little larger and uses 3 AA batteries. Its not an ultralight because its volume is 21 cubic inches, just above the maximum 20 cu. in. permitted. All of the features and functions of a PL-200 with 600 memories. The Pl-450 reviews as good as the PL-200 functionally, with a bit better audio quality. (An example of size matters.)

Degen makes equally good radios, they're just not ultralights. Reviews of the newer 11xx series are mixed, which is a bit concerning here. The 1102's and 1103's are considered excellent bang for buck with SSB and quiet noise floor. (The Eton E5 or G5 are direct equivilent, and have better tuning controls for about the same price.)

And of course there's the legendary Sony analogs that started the whole idea models SRF-39, 49, 59 models, and the newer 615-T. Others like the Sangean DT-400W or DT-200x. Both of the Sangeans tested well here.

Paul S. in CT

"Well, that looks like a consensus there, folks. Is the mini 400 any
better? I could snag one from Amazon right now for $30. Or which of
these brands is better: Tecsun or Degen, and is either better than
Grundig/Eton? I'm not much into SWL, but if it performs better than my
G8 in that respect, I might give it a whirl. I'm mainly concerned with
MW and FM (especially), because longwave is useless down here, and it
takes a special radio to pick up the OCCASIONAL tropospheric episode we get. Thanks to all!"

Hobbs, NM

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