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Paul Logan

Hi all,

great to read all the posts here and see the UL sensation going global!.

Well, 2/3 of the way into my 30 day challenge in the style of Rob Ross and I've hit 300 loggings. Im in love with the SRF 59!

Did my first albeit haphazard alignment tonight  went out and bought another SRF59 and was pleased to see it covered exactly the Euro MW band. Much different than the one i bought on ebay which covers from just below 500 khz to 1650!. ( Can i add hams logged on 500khz to my log? i heard GI3PDN the other night at a distance of about 100 miles - he was running - get this - 100 milliwatts!)

Anyway i managed to get the radio apart and first widened out receive from 531 to about 1703 khz. then removed a little of the wax holding the smaller coil on the ferrite slid it a few mm to the right and heard a marked jump in signal strength which seems to hold for the bottom of the band.i didnt do much experimenting with this just left it where i first moved it to.

I next did the tune up for 1400 khz- but was dissapointed with the results -  i thought I had left the top end of MW a bit deaf so I tuned up again but this time on a weak signal at about 1650 khz. i've left it like this. Definitely an improvement but i cant say its outperforming the original, perhaps the new one was just a wee tad deaf.

Anyway, conditions are rubbish tonight but I've still heard a few weak ones at the top of the x band with the addition of a 4 foot loop - prolly WLAA on 1680 and KVNS on 1700.

These radios are SO much fun.Still would like to see one tweaked by someone who REALLY knows what they are doing - think Gary is helping me out on this score -

regards to all -  and thanks for the space to share the fun

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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