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Yes but I can do that on any of my 3 ULR's, including the el-cheapo R-911. Its APITA on it but doable. (Re: my old comments on the R-911's 'station locking'. The WRX-911 didn't grab as strongly, and was a bit better tuning station to station.) Nonetheless, I find the PL-200 and PL-310 at least as good as the G6... at a lesser price. One lives and learns... I really don't need a PL-210, but I'm very interested in how it compares with its predecessor the E-100 or PL-200. ie: is quality slipping in favor of memory? Is the tuning knob an improvement over the 310's unusual variable-velocity speed-tuning? Any degradation of the ferrite rod quality? etc. I am concerned that if one missed out on the E100/PL200, should I (or anyone else here) consider or recommend the PL-210 as substitute. Off hand, and at first glance I would, as the DSP radios aren't noticably better (but with due respect, they're less expensive).

IMHO one will pretty much have to pry my PL-200 from dead cold fingers. The PL-310 can beat it on the low AM-BCB out of the box, but has issues with the soft-mute, and the 380 was ferrite-bar compromised... quality IS slipping as time marches on. Convenience seems to be winning, dumbing-down the receivers from enthusiast to consumer. /MHO

Paul S. in CT

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I hate to tell you this guys, but my G6 Buzz edition beats my G8 in the AM and shortwave band barefoot. Even after alignment of the stock G8 loopstick for the BCB. I listen to WGN and WBBM regularly on my G6. I took it camping in the UP of MI and had a blast with it.

73's, Dave K9DV

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Thanks to Tony and Keith for the info regarding the G6. My Sony 2010 is
not much on the air band unless you are at an airport. Including the
air band in radios must've been included to give an airline traveler
something to pass time while waiting on a flight to arrive.

I've been very pleased with my G8 and PL-380 and the G6 sounds like it
would be a disappointment compared to the other 2.

Rick W4DST

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