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Hi Powell,
This is very a very interesting insight. If this is the cause of some peoples issues with the G6 then it may be a poor design choice by Eton/Grundig that some would say is a badly implemented plan for this size class of portable. The G6 is designed as a very portable device, if it needs mains power, why get a larger portable with better performance/features for a similar price? eg. G5/G3, DE1103, PL600 etc.

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On 09/08/2010, at 6:51 AM, Powell E. Way III wrote:

If you will notice, on battery the G6 runs on 3 volts, but the  WalWart is 4.5 volts. It really works MUCH better on 4.5 volts instead of 3.   

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I hate to tell you this guys, but my G6 Buzz edition beats my G8 in the AM and shortwave band barefoot. Even after alignment of the stock G8 loopstick for the BCB. I listen to WGN and WBBM regularly on my G6. I took it camping in the UP of MI and had a blast with it.

73's, Dave K9DV

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