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terribly wet

From what I see on the web it seems an AM'er in the Carribbean is rare. BUT I'm not sure these websites list everything--

If anybody is old enough they can remember a number of Caribbean stations coming through to the USA. I guess mostly religious ones. Then they had their qsl cards.

Static level there high ?

I do run my rants on the quality of radio receivers today. If anything caused the death of AM RADIO if you feed the population the normal radio on the market AM STINKS and travels only 3 miles. These consumer radios in stores now if you can find any STINK. Even a $50 Sony Boom-Box in stores now. I brought one home because it had direct recording to cassette and in my area of many many stations it was terrible as to sensitivity..AM or FM.. I took it back.

So at least you can thank groups like this for at least spreading the word about potential radios to buy for 'some quality'.

I do need to speak or understand Spanish but I wonder--at my age ?

I do not know about AM Radio in South America or even Central America. It seems there is a huge list for Mexico but don't know if any are operating. Cuba. Well...there they still drive 1948 cars ?

I saw an application from some Brasil AM station a few months ago but forget where I saw it. One Million Watts.

Up here if it were not for all the stuff on AM dial I'd imagine many stations could be heard from down there.

As it is here in NE USA there is always that endless 'Spanish Stations' down in the mud on allot of channels that I could never make out an ID.

In Amateur Radio the 1800 khz area South America is not too difficult.

In my opinion people are more interested in LOCAL PROGRAMMING than some station with a 'satellite feed' 24/7 pretending they are local. Ever hear the time ? Anything current. Even the weather ? (local weather from weather headquarters in ?) I'd guess it's financial. Pay employees at a station ?

The Talk Shows. I guess they are on because people listen to them. BUT guess the format ? Every day Every Day negative negative negative vs. some political party. Even if it's not true. (who remembers ?) Ya know...why not some 'other opinion allowed' ??

I've yapped enough.

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terribly wet wrote:
Somebody sort of agrees with me !!!

I mean no offense but it is true the foreign language stations seem
to get away with no ID's or power or ??
I see (hear) a lot of evidence to that end.

I can understand Puerto Rico and if the normal language is Spanish
why ID in an abnormal language ?
Weeel, not to drift off into political matters...the stations in PR are
regulated by the same FCC rules as the mainland and if the FCC doesn't
specifically indicate an English language ID then the Spanish, Kurdu or
Esperanto or whatever ID is apparently acceptable. I don't know if
that's "law" or something that has just been accepted because there is
no specific "law".

By the charts no way should WLIE 540 be booming in here...
WLIE 540...hmmmm I've been in the middle of Connecticut and they
boom into there nights...

I've heard them at power change 'some switching sounds' and signal
goes down then more switching and signal goes UP. Any audience out in
the ocean ?
The maps tend to be somewhat generic. Just like has been indicated in
some recent posts it doesn't take much distance from a shore or salt
marsh or inland soil to really goof up the predictions. Maps like
radio-locator. com certainly cannot cover every detail but do give a
good general overview.

Waxing on the same my younger days we beached at Myrtle
Beach, SC. The ONLY stations to be heard that carried music of the day
were WAPA in Jacksonville, FL, WMBL Morehead City, NC, weakly WGNI?
from Wilmington NC. If you toted the picnic radio a few hundred yards
away from the beach you pretty much lost reception on those stations.
Suffice to say (again) that even a few hundred yards can make a
difference in reception.

Many non-English stations in area such as WDJZ 1530..WADS 690 have a
habit of signing off at sundown..or forgetting to...

Many are guilty there I guess. I'd guess if you are a daytimer you
would really like to 'stay on a little longer'....
haha, I have a war story. I once caught a station in Virginia going
thru the usual afternoon signoff. They reminded the listeners that they
were still available on their FM outlet. The AM never shut down. I
called them on the phone and the guy seemed tickled to hear that some
schmuck from a state away was actually listening to them and they
'corrected' the problem immediately :)

Probably everybody has a local pest. oooooooooooooooooo..I wish they
would go away !!!! o--for dxing at least they sign off at night !!!
My pest is about 1600 feet away, WIVV on 1370. At least they drop to
1kw at night. I can easily tell when they don't.

I'd like to be down there just to listen to a different collection of
'dx'. Do all those Caribbean countries still have AM'ers running ?
or like the 'Canada syndrome'...
Many of the islands still maintain their traditional AM outlets. PR
itself is still big on local AM stations since their is no Rush/ESPN
type automated programming generally available to turn the locally owned
stations into non-IDing robots.

If there is a gripe to be had from this listening location its the wall
of 50kw broadcasters from Venezuela (~500 miles) on what seems like
every other AM channel at night. Some of them are regulars even during
daytime. During the day from my location Radio Caracas on 750 (100kw)
is almost as strong as R. Puerto Rico (WIAC) on 740 which is only 60
miles away.

When Hugo decides to give a 4-hour speechrant you can forget IDing any
Venezuelan. That's good in a way since any station NOT broadcasting his
speech is almost guaranteed to be outside of Venezuela which generally
counts as a good DX mark. :)


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