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I am not sure what word is best, but like a radial aircraft engine, the cylinders go out from the center, or spokes on a wheel. So it is more like the pattern of a ferrite loop, off the 'sides' of the windings, but these Diamond Weave coil antennas do not seem sharply directional. Both the signal strength AND more importantly the signal to noise ratios are boosted together compared to the stock PL-360 tiny ferrite.

Because I thought the larger center opening would bring more signal strength, that is what I asked for when these were made. That may not be true at all. I am curious if the compact coils have the same pick up pattern. Mine are quite narrow, in order to allow the largest diameter. I guess the area as viewed from the side would not change too much, but that is just a guess.

When tuned by a cap, and inductively coupled to a radio, some have a large boost at a certain point along the radio, and others do not. I suspect that has some thing to do with how the radios internal ferrite antenna is wound.


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Hi Famerik,

So the diamond weave coil doesn't have a reception pattern similar to a normal loop (for example the Terk)? With a normal loop, maximum single is parallel to the long dimension of the loop and the nulls are perpendicular to this. I'm having trouble picturing what "radially off the rim" means.

I bought one of the 3.7" diamond weave coils from the same guy, but I haven't had a chance to solder it to the tuning cap to use it yet.


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So far I haven't figured how to null much with the diamond weave coils, as they pick up radially off the rim,instead of off the ends of the coil. How can you tilt the edge of a circle? I haven't tried rotating where the leads come off. But BOTH RSSI readings are boosted greatly over the stock PL-360, and much stronger than reception on my stock PL-310. Gary's ferrite 7.5 inch is MUCH better for nulling or separating multiple stations on a frequency, while the diamond weave can only favor one over an other from a different direction. So far on a frequency with only one station heard, the diamond weave has much higher RSSI readings than Gary's 7.5 inch ferrite, but these are VERY preliminary results. - FARMERIK

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