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Hi Rick:

A quick note - SSB actually is a disqualifier to be an ULR. I'm looking at the "Introduction to Ultralight DXing" and "The Ultralight Definitions 20090729" files in "1-Start Here" and "2-General Information" folders, respectively. The reason we felt that an ULR should not have SSB is that it made it no longer an "entertainment-grade" radio, and would allow ECSS reception which is a definite advantage when DXing tough signals. After struggling with some poor propagation conditions at the Oregon coast a couple weeks back, I can attest that having LSB/USB would have been a big advantage!! In general, we felt that one of the attractions of an ULR is the DX you can get from such a basic little AM radio, and wanted the Definitions to reflect and preserve that. (Note: John in his wisdom stepped back from the ULR definitions development process and asked Joe Miller, Gil Stacy and me to take it on.)

Thanks - Kevin S.
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On 8/7/2010 7:49 PM, Stephen wrote:
I understand the G6 was not included because it has SSB capability, which is a no-no for ultralights.

Referring to the file defining ULRs written by the late John Bryant,
you'll see that SSB is not prohibited in a ULR. According to John's
guidelines, what does eliminate the G6 is that its retail price exceeds

Rick W4DST

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