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I agree with Keith, kinda. My G6 has been relegated to the shelf. The SSB (at least on mine) is totally useless. As soon as I engage the SSB mode the noise floor peaks and stays that way regardless of what band I'm in. It doesn't have a DX/Local switch so I can't change that like I do on my G3. I'm not a tekki by any means so I don't understand why it's overloading only in SSB.  CW is barely recognizable and voice is unintelligeable. If there is a fix out there maybe someone can pass it on to me and depending on the difficulty level, I might have a go at any adjustments that need to be done.

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Hi Rick,

I had a G6 for a while. It's not a bad radio; SW and FM were pretty good; AM so-so; LW and the VHF air

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