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Dont know your log, but 920/930 is interesting around here. A canadian and RI on 920, Buffalo at least on 930. OT: When that jet crashed just outside Buffalo in Feb 2009, I listened to WBEN overnite. Good job field reporting./OT

Paul S. in CT

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Just trying to fill in my log in the 900 to 1000 segment tonight.

950 WIBX Utica, NY 5 kW
970 WNYM serving NYC, but New Jersey address 5 kW
980 WOFX Troy, NY [near Albany] 5kW

The above are 5 kW stations within a few hundred miles.

This one looks to good to be true-

990 WTIG Massilion,Ohio 112W [only 250W day] ?

ESPN Radio. I clearly heard a 'Subway' restaurant ad, ESPN Radio ID, and sports talk for awhile. No Call letters, but I can't find a listing for any other ESPN station on 990 any closer. I can still hear it under a religious station with Chuck Colson, and one or two Spanish stations with music formats. I wish I stayed with it longer when it was coming in better. Anyone know if there power went up, or of any recent format changes to ESPN Radio in the Northeast on 990?

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