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540 WLIE is a tuff station here, maybe I should have my radios aligned :) WCKY on 1530 booms in here at nite during fall/winter. Never heard WREF much after dark. Uptown, it comes in better than right here. Both WLAD and WINE are marginal daytime here. 740 WNYH? should ID in English at top of hour: its the law.

Interesting about 1040/1050. It seems that 1040 fills a null in 1050's coverage. I have heard both simultaneously. 1040 keeps me from hearing WHO Des Moines (but its Coast to Coast overnite like 1080,1100,1110 1120... can you say carpet-bomb?)

Paul S. in CT

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Somebody sort of agrees with me !!!

I mean no offense but it is true the foreign language stations seem to get away with no ID's or power or ??

I can understand Puerto Rico and if the normal language is Spanish why ID in an abnormal language ?

Yet..anyway..the normal language here has been English...

If you look at those radio-locator maps I am in the area of Bridgeport, Ct. To the west and a few miles inland from the ocean. (at least at this time)

By the charts no way should WLIE 540 be booming in here night times but most their signal should be going southbound out into the ocean. 220 Watts ? I know on 540 you get good ground wave coverage but splattering all around 540 at midnight ? All the New York City stations the ground wave does a poor job into this area except WFAN 660/WCBS 880 which are 50kw/50kw a few miles down the coast. (and HD hssssssssssssssssssss)

WLIE 540...hmmmm I've been in the middle of Connecticut and they boom into there nights...

I've heard them at power change 'some switching sounds' and signal goes down then more switching and signal goes UP. Any audience out in the ocean ?

As said..of recent it seems as their signal has gone down at nights.. Maybe they are changing something..

Another pest. I can get more irritated because they are non-english I guess. Even if they played some music I might listen to them at times.

Many non-English stations in area such as WDJZ 1530..WADS 690 have a habit of signing off at sundown..or forgetting to...

Many are guilty there I guess. I'd guess if you are a daytimer you would really like to 'stay on a little longer'....

Like WLAD Danbury,Ct. 800 tried forever to have a better signal. 800 Canada booms into the area. They got 850 and got night power and then there was some big stink from Boston 850 and something went bad and had no night priveledge anymore. WREF 850. --and I hear them sometimes running at night-- WREF/WLAD were the same company but I'm not sure what Corporation runs them now and if they are still affiliated. Their luck might be 800 Canada vanishing.

Probably everybody has a local pest. oooooooooooooooooo..I wish they would go away !!!! o--for dxing at least they sign off at night !!! hmmmmmmmmm

740 with 25kw booms into here in it's Korean language. hey..can't they at least ID every few monthes ?

1050 New Ork City ESPN 1050 also has a seperate signal on 1040. Not just the HD stuff. (or maybe it's related) It might be the receiver and if somebody had the math maybe there is a reason. Every receiver ?

Well...gotta quit yapping and complaining...

I'd like to be down there just to listen to a different collection of 'dx'. Do all those Caribbean countries still have AM'ers running ? or like the 'Canada syndrome'...

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