Re: New logs from Connecticut

Bill M <radioexray@...>

terribly wet wrote:

WLIE 540 is almost as bad. Sure..250 watts at night ? At
power-switch time their signal goes UP.
Yabbut, remember that they also do a pattern change when they drop power. I don't know where you are but in the case of WLIE the pattern change is pretty drastic. Plus they have a CP (construction permit) going on so that may account for recent changes.
I guess nobody has to ID anymore. Sort of a dead hobby if no stations
have to ID ?
Preaching to the choir! The ethnic stations in particular seem to have a free pass on IDing. I don't think the FCC requires English language IDs. That was probably never an issue back when the rules were written. I live in Puerto Rico USA and they certainly don't ID in English here.


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