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terribly wet

550 WGR Buffalo, NY.

I just followed the post with a reply not thinking too much.

The other day I heard 1350 WNLK Norwalk,Ct. ID as WALK which is another station on Long Island,NY in same area. Maybe the radio guy got confused.

WGR ? I used to receive it but that HD on WOR 710 and other New York City stations does a number to adjacent stations.


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Hello. You may want to check that call. I'm listening to "WGN" 720, Chicago with the Cubs Vs. Red's at the moment.

73's, Dave K9DV

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Yes. I forgot. WGN 550 was coming through last fall but have not heard it of recent.

Chronically. Decades ? 550 here there is mostly nothing on it. It would make a good place for another station on 550 say in Danbury,Ct. with most the signal southbound. I guess that does not agree with specs at the FCC, etc.

I sort of become biased at some of these 'ethnic stations'. They yap/yap/yap 24/7 and hardly ever ID. Then the ID might not be understandable. I'd guess they serve their audience but that's about it. (?) FCC regs might not even say: ID in English. (?)

I'd guess there is no law saying the USA is English.

Religious stations. To me if you want to listen to such 24/7..well

I might see a future of 'all religious' 'of different religions' fighting with each other on the AM BCB. Regulated by the FCC. Government into religion ?

WSUB 980 I can hear when I go down the beach as I said. Trying to record an ID has been frustrating. For a long time listen 10 minutes prior to the hour till 10 ID... just yap yap yap

740 Long Island..ID ?...they don't ID....

1080 WTIC has never been strong into SW Connecticut. In day it's listenable but at night it fades in and out. If trying to listen the Boston Red Sox baseball it's hard. (no other outlets around here)(no..not sports nut) I think they have their antennas on a mountain and most stations look for a place that's low and wet and the more conductive the better. Yet WTIC is an ancient station so they must know what they are doing. Probably their signal just skips over Connecticut !!!

There is something to 'different things' 'nightime' in a small state. Just listen to the car radio and the 'night scan' will have a little different reception than 50 miles away, etc.

For ultralight I just have a Grundig G8 and G5 now. I have not yet got together a 'directional antenna'. ya know..that G8 in a day comparison the Sony ICF-38 does better !!!! and sounds better.. I think the G8 is more selective and get around 'sundown' you get something coming through on every channel. (separate !!!)

My Sony ICF-350W and 380 are ultra-lights I guess. Guess the age. Bought from Service Merchandise a few years before they closed. The 350 quit working. By today's standards of 'junk' the radios are not too bad.

This post was not meant to open up politics/religion !!!! Just can't ignore all the ethnic stations and religious.(?)

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A lot of stuff is fall/winter only. WGN 550 Buffalo is regular here at those times. Disney 550 weak here, but here. We'll see this fall season. Tonite I did catch a good call from WYFN Nashville on 980.

Paul S. in CT

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It is interesting how the three of us in Connecticut, a state only about 60X90 miles, hear different stations on the same frequencies. As Paul and I noted before, I get WBAL in Baltimore MD much better than WTIC in Hartford CT. and the opposite is true for him. - FARMERIK

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620 WVMT Vermont is almost a pest here. It's always there. 630 WPRO RI is much worse. I get it days 'weak' but at night can't catch much on 630 as WPRO is always there.

I always heard WDEV 550 Vermont up into last winter season but don't seem to hear them anymore. Sometimes at night the 'Radio Disney' in Rhode Island but always weak. 550 chronically has about nothing on it here.

I seem to mostly get New York State, PA and some others further south.

A powerhouse here has been WJDY 1470 in MD. Gotta really wonder the power.

KHJ..CKHJ? 1260 WAS nice and strong from NB into last winter but I only pick it up on 1260 off and on.

I'm rambling..enuff...

SW Connecticut....

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You have done well to get VT and Maine. Even though I am closer, they are very difficult to get more than one station each for me in the opposite corner of CT. There is a Sports Station on 990 in Tennessee as well, but it is not ESPN. The ID I heard was ESPN 990. - FARMERIK

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I'd swear I heard ESPN myself on 990 but it was last winter. Never could find a match. CKGM comes through with 'sports' but no mention of ESPN on their website. Also I know I've heard ESPN with Canadian programming but forget if it was 990. (No ESPN Canadian Stations ?)

This area without a directional antenna to me is all mixed up. I mostly hear WDCX on 990 Rochester,NY with religious programming but it comes and goes every few minutes. Sports in background. (CKGM assumed)

980 nothing clear here but hear baseball all the time. I guess this is the Albany,NY area station.

With stations in and out every few minutes or less hard to get an ID. ESPN might only ID on the hour except call itself ESPN 990, etc. Baseball maybe more frequent. Ads Ads Ads on the breaks. Mostly 'national' ads vs. local. Talk ? ID on hour ?

I'm not looking at a list now but I've only been doing this for a few months after being away from the hobby for a long time.

I'm in SW Connecticut and under the influence of New York City HD stuff that makes some frequencies difficult.--but 900 area nothing but 970 NJ ? (station with power) 930 weak here. (NJ) WELI 960 New Haven, Ct.does a number here. Hate to be in New Haven with it's HD hsssssssssssss.

990 Southington, Ct. I think I finally caught their ID for recording. Not sure anybody could understand it. (Spanish I think)

Here the whole AM BCB is a mess at night. Only thing you can hope to do is pick something out of the mess by oddball luck.

I can't believe their are not other areas more open to dx'ing than the NE USA. Look at all the stations from Virginia, PA.DE,NJ,NY,CT,MA etc. Many with 'enhanced power' vs years ago.

I've logged only 3 Vermont's 550,620..and 1380 is it ? (Rutland) Maine is as scarce as can be. I hear 1280 Gardner/Augusta ? and rare WZON 620. (Bangor)

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Just trying to fill in my log in the 900 to 1000 segment tonight.

950 WIBX Utica, NY 5 kW
970 WNYM serving NYC, but New Jersey address 5 kW
980 WOFX Troy, NY [near Albany] 5kW

The above are 5 kW stations within a few hundred miles.

This one looks to good to be true-

990 WTIG Massilion,Ohio 112W [only 250W day] ?

ESPN Radio. I clearly heard a 'Subway' restaurant ad, ESPN Radio ID, and sports talk for awhile. No Call letters, but I can't find a listing for any other ESPN station on 990 any closer. I can still hear it under a religious station with Chuck Colson, and one or two Spanish stations with music formats. I wish I stayed with it longer when it was coming in better. Anyone know if there power went up, or of any recent format changes to ESPN Radio in the Northeast on 990?

PL-360 with Jim's style transformer Hoop loop with a diamond weave antenna. - FARMERIK

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