Re: WOW!!!!.....Ultralight # 500 is a NEW COUNTRY!!! 1540 ZNS1 BAHAMAS..............

Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

I would like to publicly offer my congratulations to Rob on this outstanding achievement. Not only did he do this, but we had a huge tropospheric ducting opening about two weeks ago, and he even found the time for a QSO on the 2 meter band (we're about 100 miles apart, hi).
Job very done, Rob
VY73 de Joe, KJ8O, Troy, MI
At 09:16 PM 10/2/2008 -0400, you wrote:

Hi Guys;

Well like I said yesterday, the Calender switching over to October was
like someone flipping a switch to turn the DX on!! My quest to Log 500
Stations on a BAREFOOT Ultralight Radio has been accomplished, and the
Drive to # 500 ended with a NEW COUNTRY ....Bahamas , which is also COUNTRY  # 10 on Ultralight Radio!! Number 499 was also a Foreign Station ...Radio Reloj from CUBA on 670 Khz.

The Breakdown for the 500 stations heard is as follows......

468 Domestic Stations
32 Foreign Stations
10 Countries
34 States
5 Provinces

and 2 AeroBeacons ....which are NOT COUNTED in the Totals.

Total time to log the 500 stations was.........275 DAYS.

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