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terribly wet

I'd swear I heard ESPN myself on 990 but it was last winter. Never could find a match. CKGM comes through with 'sports' but no mention of ESPN on their website. Also I know I've heard ESPN with Canadian programming but forget if it was 990. (No ESPN Canadian Stations ?)

This area without a directional antenna to me is all mixed up. I mostly hear WDCX on 990 Rochester,NY with religious programming but it comes and goes every few minutes. Sports in background. (CKGM assumed)

980 nothing clear here but hear baseball all the time. I guess this is the Albany,NY area station.

With stations in and out every few minutes or less hard to get an ID. ESPN might only ID on the hour except call itself ESPN 990, etc. Baseball maybe more frequent. Ads Ads Ads on the breaks. Mostly 'national' ads vs. local. Talk ? ID on hour ?

I'm not looking at a list now but I've only been doing this for a few months after being away from the hobby for a long time.

I'm in SW Connecticut and under the influence of New York City HD stuff that makes some frequencies difficult.--but 900 area nothing but 970 NJ ? (station with power) 930 weak here. (NJ) WELI 960 New Haven, Ct.does a number here. Hate to be in New Haven with it's HD hsssssssssssss.

990 Southington, Ct. I think I finally caught their ID for recording. Not sure anybody could understand it. (Spanish I think)

Here the whole AM BCB is a mess at night. Only thing you can hope to do is pick something out of the mess by oddball luck.

I can't believe their are not other areas more open to dx'ing than the NE USA. Look at all the stations from Virginia, PA.DE,NJ,NY,CT,MA etc. Many with 'enhanced power' vs years ago.

I've logged only 3 Vermont's 550,620..and 1380 is it ? (Rutland) Maine is as scarce as can be. I hear 1280 Gardner/Augusta ? and rare WZON 620. (Bangor)

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Just trying to fill in my log in the 900 to 1000 segment tonight.

950 WIBX Utica, NY 5 kW
970 WNYM serving NYC, but New Jersey address 5 kW
980 WOFX Troy, NY [near Albany] 5kW

The above are 5 kW stations within a few hundred miles.

This one looks to good to be true-

990 WTIG Massilion,Ohio 112W [only 250W day] ?

ESPN Radio. I clearly heard a 'Subway' restaurant ad, ESPN Radio ID, and sports talk for awhile. No Call letters, but I can't find a listing for any other ESPN station on 990 any closer. I can still hear it under a religious station with Chuck Colson, and one or two Spanish stations with music formats. I wish I stayed with it longer when it was coming in better. Anyone know if there power went up, or of any recent format changes to ESPN Radio in the Northeast on 990?

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