Making my own LW ferrite bar. + kk-s500 hint on LW tuning

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Dear Gary,

You have been making a LW ferrite, how many (aprox) windings have you applied?? I ordered this wire from dave, and I want to make some ferrite bars, starting with some old ferrite bars from all kind of radio's (grundig, philips, etc).


PS: Here I'm gonna add a hint on howto tune the Kchibo kk-S500 dowto 0 Khz, using the external whip, NOT the ferrite bar (but an external antenna can be added then ..)


I must have made an error, but I suddenly was under 1620Khz on sw.

I know about other Kchibo radio's with about the same design, tuning wheel +
up/down knobs, so it could exist in other models.

The trick is the following (software "feature", but a nice one):
- set the radio on sw
- tune it to eg 1850Khz
- set it to fast tuning mode
- now with the </> buttons (NOT the tuning wheel) tune down to 1800, 1700
and 1600. With fast tuning and the < button you go 100khz down at a time.
- normally the radio stops tuning on sw when you're on 1620khz, but because
of the "trick" you go under 1620, and can now tune with slow/fast 100khz,
1khz or 5khz at a time. You can tune downto 270khz (I hear Prague radio),
252 is the Irish, and RMC sis on 216. I hear something on
50khz, and between 70khz and 80khz it seems to be full too...
- the radio DOES NOT use the ferrite bar, but the whip, and the tuning
sounds cleaner than with the ferrite bar. The signal strenghth is also much larger...

This makes the Kchibo a better LW radio in my garden than the sony icf-
sw2010D (!)

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