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Carl DeWhitt

Thanks,Kevin for your suggestion of how to connect the G-8 to the Moxon.I have printed out the Moxon plans you have in the files section.

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Hey Carl:

I have a portable Moxon (a folded 2-element) made out of wire and PVC: the
plans are here:
Although 3 or 4 elements would obviously perform somewhat better, the
advantage of a Moxon is that it has surprising directivity (easily better
than a normal yagi) and is very compact for travelling. Plus, a Moxon is
natively a 50 ohm antenna, meaning you don't need a matching balun. Check
out all things Moxon at:

As for connecting an antenna to a G-8 (Tecsun PL-300WT), it's a snap!
Simply connect one lead with a clip to the base of the FM whip, and the
other lead to the spring in the battery compartment. I snaked a short
wire out of the battery compartment, filing a little notch in the battery
compartment cover, to make it easier. The joy of the Tecsun PL-310 is
that it has an actual FM/SW antenna jack; however, I verified that the
same level of performance is obtainable by clipping the antenna to the
whip and battery spring when compared to using the jack, so you're not
missing anything with the G-8, which is as hot as any other rig on FM
(including the 310 and 380), so you already have the best FM receiver.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

Does any one in the group know of any plans for a homebrew indoor fm yagi
?I would like a portable fm yagi for ulr's.It could be used out doors if
not small enough for indoors.I am thinking that the frame including the
boom could be made from PVC like Gary's PVC am loop and hold at least 3 or
preferably 4 or more elements.How could this be connected to a Grundig G-8
or other ulr with good fm performance ?
Any ideas ?Even one that could be put together from a kit would be great.
Carl DeWhitt

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