Tecsun PL-310 antenna input mod.


Yesterday I modified one of my PL-310 receivers by installing a LW/MW antenna input. Besides the antenna input jack, I also added a support for the 7.5" loop antenna made for the PL-360. The most difficult part was removal of the original ferrite antenna. I slowly slid an Exacto knife under the antenna to cut through the silicon glue securing it to the chassis. Once it was separated, I ensured there was enough Litz wire left for the connecting the receiver to a Radio Shack mini-jack. Then I cut away a small amount of plastic to allow placement of the jack and support, and drilled two holes on the top (left of the TIME key) for the jack and a support screw. Then I soldered the Litz wire leads to the mini-jack and put it through the hole. After tightening the jack and support, the receiver was re-assembled the for testing.

Mounting the 7.5 loop, I found the support and jack slightly misaligned, but acceptable. When compared with a barefoot PL-310 (the same one that received 10 TP stations last season), the signal strength of mid-day broadcasts were noticeably stronger. It was the same when I connected the receiver to a long-wire aerial and my Quantum QX Loop. This morning I the small PL-360 plug-in antenna and was surprised to find the signal strength was almost equal that of the barefoot PL-310. So maybe the little antenna is better than first thought.

My only warning to anyone considering this mod is about the soft, thin plastic used for the case and chassis of the PL-310. Also, with the 7.5" loop mounted, the radio needs extra support because it tends to be top-heavy.

This was my first receiver modification in decades and I deem it a success, far easier than I anticipated.

Good DX all.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W

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