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Last night was good with baseball games and some interesting lower power stations (for me anyway). Breezed through some of the usual 50K stations, new from this location. Also bagged first Canadian station. Loving that loopstick more and more!

Stations: 61
States: 14
Provincies: 1

John Mosman
Mt. Prospect, IL

930 WTAD Quincy, IL 8/4/10 0305z Male with call letter, interference from WAUR Sandwich, IL. (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

980 WONE Dayton, OH 8/4/10 0301z Baseball, Cinc Red Vs. Florida Marlins. Male with call letters at 0301z. (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1020 KDKA Pittsburg, PA 8/04/10 0256z Male, "Newsradio 1020 KDKA" (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1030 WBZ Boston, MA 8/04/10 0247z Male, "WBZ Newsradio 1030."
(PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1040 WHO Des Moines, IA 8/04/10 0246z Male, "Dr. Laura on Newsradio WHO." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1060 KYW Philadelphia, PA 8/4/10 0244z Weather report by male, then "This is KYW." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH 8/4/10 0240z Baseball, Clevelan Indians vs Boston Red Sox, Male, "Newradio WTAM." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO 8/4/10 0234z Several Ads (Nat Guard, Birth Right Counsel), Female, "Newsradio 1120 KMOX." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1140 WRVA Richmond, VA 8/4/10 0232z Savage Show, Male, "1140 "When you Need to Know - WRVA." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1150 CKOC Hamilton, ON 8/4/10 0217z CCR Song, mention of Hamilton, Ad for Pool Shoppe in Hamilton, Animals song. (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1210 WJNL Kingsley, MI 8/4/10 0204z Male, "WJNL Weather with WJNL."
(PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1320 KSIV Clayton, MO 8/4/10 0142z Male, "KSIV Clayton/St. Louis." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1360 WLBK DeKalb, IL 8/4/10 0137z Promo/Ad for World's Largest Yardsale. Male, "WLBK 1360." (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

1370 WSPD Toledo, OH 8/4/10 0120z Baseball Cleveland Indians vs. Boston Red Sox, mention of South Toledo. (PL-360 with 7.5 Loopstick)

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