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Carl schreef:
Does any one in the group know of any plans for a homebrew indoor fm yagi ?I would like a portable fm yagi for ulr's.It could be used out doors if not small enough for indoors.I am thinking that the frame including the boom could be made from PVC like Gary's PVC am loop and hold at least 3 or preferably 4 or more elements.How could this be connected to a Grundig G-8 or other ulr with good fm performance ?
Any ideas ?Even one that could be put together from a kit would be great. Thanks.
I've taken a 3 meter pvc tube, cut in 4 pieces, added corners, and made a square of about 80 x 80 cm, that is some kind of quad:
Feed at the botom = H polarisation, at the side: V.

I've seen other designs, where sides are disconnected, and it should give ?more signal or ?directivity...

This guy sells them: (stacked version)


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