FM logs for evening of 8.3.10 and 8.4.10 morning

Carl DeWhitt

My FM state total is now up to 7 after logging two new states plus new logs in 6 states.I logged 7 states in a 12 period and none of the logs were by e-skip.All were logged on a Grundig G-8 barefoot.
WDJC 93.7 Birmingham,Al.2205-2227 EDT 8.3.10 v.poor to good.
Tom Walton Show -testimony Tuesday.I.D."Birmingham's Christian Music Station,93.7, WDJC." state #6
WDNS 93.3 Bowling Green,Ky.2236-2240 EDT.10.3.10.v.poor to fair.slogan D93 for specials at Mexican restaraunt"good at any of 4 Bowling Green locations."new station.12kw
WTPT 93.3 Forest City,N.C. 2250-2300 EDT.10.3.10.v.poor to fair.slogan 93.3 The Planet heard.City of license heard in partial i.d. heard.hard station
WESC 92.5 Greenville,S.C. 2305-2310 EDT.8.3.10.i.d."92.5 WESC,home of Carolina's best country.c&w mx.poor-fair. re-log
WHCB 91.5 Kingsport,Tn.2325-2330 EDT.8.3.10 v.poor-fair."Night Sounds" program."91.5 The Blessing" .new station.
WSTR 94.1 Smyrna,Ga.0047-0104 EDT.8.4.10.v.poor-fair.rock mx.i.d."Star 94,,WSTR.Smyrna-Atalanta & worldwide at"." Star 94,Atlanta's hit music station".new station.
WMEV 93.9 Marion,Va.0922-0935 EDT.8.4.10.fair-good."94 Country"ad for truck and tractor event in Ivanhoe,Va.wx for parts of Va,W.Va,N.C. and Tn.i.d."93.9 WMEV,serving the Wonderful Mountain Empire of Virginia" state #7
WMXL 94.5 Lexington,Ky.0944-0949 for Half Price Books in Lexington and Louisville."Music from the 80's to today on Mix 94.5." station.
I going to try to add some new ones tonight and hopefully at least one new state.I might as well take advantage of my time off due to some surgery I had.
Carl DeWhitt

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