8.4.10 Logs Continued

Antonios Kekalos <akekalos@...>

0843EDT, 93.3, WLDB, Milwaukee, WI, 16K, 166mi/267km, "B93.3", Insignia NS-HD01
0851EDT, 94.1, WUPK, Marquette MI (UP), 4.4K, 148mi/239km, Insignia NS-HD01
0854EDT, 96.5, WKLH, Milwaukee, WI, 20K, 166mi/267km, Insignia NS-HD01
0904EDT, 99.5, WPKR, Omro, WI, 25K, 164mi/265km, "99.5 The Wolf", Insignia NS-HD01
0910EDT, 102.7, WMOM, Pentwater, MI, 6K, 76mi/122km, Insignia NS-HD01
0912EDT, 103.7, WXSS, Wauwatosa, WI, 19.5K, 167mi/270km, "103.7 Kiss FM", RDS, NS-HD01
0916EDT, 106.1, WMIL, Waukesha, WI, 12K, 179mi/288km, "Milwaukee Country FM 106.1", RDS, Insignia NS-HD01
0921EDT, 107.9, WSHZ, Muskegon, MI, 15K, 109mi/176km, "Star 108", NS-HD01

Tony, N4RNI
Traverse City, MI
FISTS #14949, SWLR-RN072, WA8050SWL

Not every conspiracy is a theory-AMC's Rubicon

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